Experts demand notification of scabies – uncertainty about case numbers


Germany-wide, the case numbers for scabies are increasing. Experts believe that this is not due solely to refugees from risk areas. The lack of care in Germany also plays a role in the spread of the disease. Erfurt. In view of increasing case numbers for the skin disease scabies, leading physicians call for the introduction of a general reporting requirement. As the spokesman of the German Dermatological Society Peter Elsner MDR said that scabies are “associated with a significant reduction in quality of life” and an increased risk of complications. However, it lacked accurate data on the disease. The research is in Germany so far been insufficiently funded. An alternative to the obligation to register would be coordinated data collection on specific practices. Germany-wide, the case numbers for scabies are increasing. Experts believe that this is not due solely to refugees from risk areas. Elsner said, increased case numbers in nursing homes “could be associated with the increasing lack of care in Germany related “. If risk factors persist, more cases of illness could be expected. According to a random sample survey of MDR among the free-state municipalities in the Free State, the number of cases has risen approximately since the last significant year. Overall, however, they are in the per thousand range. The speakers of Erfurt and Gera assume “very incomplete numbers”. Not every illness has to be reported to the responsible health department. Suhl justifies the higher number of cases with the “initial reception center and the associated number of refugees”. In the region Eisenach There was a major outbreak in a home for the disabled this year. 25 residents were affected. In Jena Ill children in day care centers. The head of the Dermatologists Association, Ines Brautzsch , told the MDR, she is currently experiencing a great many cases in practice. Similar reports from colleagues. She criticized that scabies are not recorded statistically. A health ministry spokesman said on MDR request that the country has no knowledge of increased case numbers. Similarly expressed the Thuringian Association of Pediatricians. The skin disease scabies, technical scabies, is triggered by the itch mite. The animals settle in warm skin regions. The infection is transmitted from person to person, especially in poor hygienic conditions, but – as in lice – not exclusively. So far applies in Germany only a registration requirement for community facilities. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of in Germany multiplied in recent years. However, the disease spread is subject to significant annual and regional variations. When a disease becomes a nightmare Headmistress of the Oststadtschule Eisenach confirms three cases of scabies Scabbers on the rise – also in Thuringia


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