Experts: Driving behavior can help identify the first signs of dementia

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Researchers in the USA used algorithms to study the driving behavior of older people. Apparently the first signs of dementia can be detected.

Washington, DC (USA) – The results of a study from the USA sound exciting: A team of scientists from various universities believe they have found a new way of detecting dementia at an early stage based on driving behavior. They used machine learning to develop algorithms with the help of which they in turn examined the behavior of older people behind the wheel. According to the study, there is now evidence that atypical changes in people’s driving behavior can be early signs of a mild cognitive impairment (Mild Cognitive Impairment, MCI for short) or dementia, as reported by

For the study called LongROAD (“Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers”), the data of 2,977 participants were recorded in their vehicles over a period of 45 months. As the researchers found out, machine learning, or the algorithms derived from it, can predict MCI or dementia in drivers with 66 percent accuracy based on the changed driving behavior alone. The accuracy increased to 88 percent if demographic characteristics (age, gender, ethnicity and education) were also taken into account. According to the scientists, these are only preliminary results so far. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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