She pointed out that the virus usually dies within a few hours when it enters the external environment, including the consignment. The center does not yet have comprehensive information on the resistance of the virus to the external environment, but experts estimate that in the worst case, the coronavir could survive around the clock when it arrives at the consignment.

At present, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) do not impose any specific travel restrictions. At the same time, there are no restrictions on mail or trade. The representative of the SPKC explained that Latvia adhered to the recommendations of both organizations.

The SPCC is currently monitoring the spread of the virus and is constantly following the recommendations of the organizations. Given the similarity of the virus’s symptoms to the flu, the SPCC strongly encourages the population to be vaccinated.

Arāja informed that the coronavirus is mostly detected in mild form. As with the flu, patients die from co-morbidities such as respiratory infections, diabetes, chronic kidney and liver disease – the primary risk group is people between the ages of 53 and 89, a spokeswoman for the center said.

A spokeswoman for the center said the coronavirus was less dangerous than its related SARS, which claimed the lives of 349 people in mainland China in 2002 and 2003 and another 299 in Hong Kong.

Information compiled by the WHO for yesterday shows that there are currently 2014 cases of the virus. 1985 of them set in China. Within the region, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and Thailand have also reported cases. At present, only France has reported three cases of coronavirus in Europe. In the United States, two cases of the virus have been detected.

In almost all cases, patients became infected after a trip to Wuhan.

As reported, the SPKC has developed interim recommendations for medical institutions. They stipulate that general precautionary measures and measures for the prevention of communicable and airborne infectious diseases must be observed in healthcare institutions.

A patient suspected of having a coronavirus infection should be placed in a separate room for the isolation of a potentially aeorogenic infection and a surgical mask should be requested prior to isolation. Personal protective equipment should be worn by healthcare professionals who are cared for in the event of a suspected infection.

The SPKC also calls on medical authorities to immediately report any case of severe acute respiratory illness to a person who visited the Chinese city of Wuhan or was in contact with a patient who became ill after a trip to Wuhan during the 14 days prior to the illness.

In order to reduce the overall risk of acute respiratory infections, the SPCC recommends that all travelers avoid close contact with people with acute respiratory infections, wash their hands frequently, especially after contact with sick people or their surroundings, and avoid unprotected contact with agricultural or with wild animals and avoid market visits where live animals are sold or animal carcasses are processed.

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If, however, during or 14 days after the trip, symptoms appear that indicate respiratory illnesses – fever, cough, difficulty breathing – the center should call for medical help and inform the doctor about the trip.

General recommendations for preventing the spread of infection are regular hand washing, covering the mouth and nose with coughing and sneezing, careful preparation of meat and eggs, and avoiding close contact with people with symptoms of respiratory disease.

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