Experts explained how to delete messages from Viber completely

Viber is in the top 3 most popular messengers among Ukrainian users. The service allows you to chat in individual and group chats, make video calls, send documents, etc. There are frequent cases when users need to delete previously sent messages from an individual or group chat. However, many do not know how to do this.

Deleting individual messages

To delete individual messages, you need to open a dialog, and then select the messages to be deleted. To do this, just hold your finger on the message. The messenger will offer to delete messages on the sender’s smartphone or completely.

Deleting a Dialog

To delete a dialogue, just open the messenger, select the correspondence to be deleted, and then pinch it with your finger. Viber will offer several options for further action. Select “Delete” from the list.

Clearing history

Viber has a log that documents all user activity in the messenger, including his correspondence. To clear it, you need to select the “Calls and messages” option in the application settings. In the menu that appears, there will be an item “Clear message history”.

Delete messages from group chats

Correspondence in group chats can be deleted with or without exiting them. As in the case of an individual chat, you need to hold down the message to be deleted, and then select “Delete”. Messages can be deleted both from the sender’s smartphone and from the mobile devices of all participants in the correspondence.

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