Experts explained the similarity of the American F-35 with the Soviet Yak-141

Experts explained the similarity of the American F-35 with the Soviet Yak-141

The fifth-generation American fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II has similar technical characteristics with the world’s first supersonic aircraft Yak-141 with vertical take-off. This was told by RBC military expert, retired colonel Mikhail Timoshenko.

Earlier that while creating the American fighter, the Yak-141 test data was used, provided by the Yakovlev Design Bureau under the agreement with the Lockheed Martin Corporation, reported American publication Task and Purpose.

Having concluded a contract with Yakovlev Design Bureau, the American corporation obtained access to all materials and developments, Tymoshenko asserts. According to him, this became possible because of the crisis in the defense-industrial complex in the 1990s. “The industrial sector in times of Boris Yeltsin was going through hard times, so Yakovlev’s OKB and its developments were practically dying,” Tymoshenko said.

The US planned to create the F-35 fighter in three versions – for the Air Force, Navy (with the possibility of take-off from the deck of the aircraft carrier) and for the Marine Corps (capable of vertical takeoff from the site), explained Tymoshenko.

By the time the Yakovlev Design Bureau already created the world’s first supersonic plane with a vertical take-off for the Russian fleet – the Yak-141, the expert said. Then the Americans concluded an agreement with the design bureau and other Russian organizations on joint activities, having access to all materials and developments, Tymoshenko added.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov, in an interview with RBC, also stressed that the F-35 was allowed to create an “involuntary gesture from the Yakovlev OKB”.

“In the 1990s, Yakovlev’s OKB concluded an agreement with the American side on the design of a rotary nozzle. For vertical take-off, the engine nozzle must be tilted down at an angle of 90 degrees. OKB Yakovlev such a project carried out, “- explained the expert.

According to him, according to the documentation, the nozzle development was to be tied to another object – Yak-141 – in order to calculate how the nozzle will affect the position of the engine and aircraft. The expert noted that “subsequently the F-35 was reminiscent of the Yak-141 in many ways.”

By 2025 the Ministry of Defense plans to lay a new aircraft carrier cruiser. It also discusses “the creation of a deck aircraft, and this may be a plane of vertical take-off and landing.” “This is the development of the Yakovskaya (vertical takeoff aircraft of the Yak family.” – RBC ) line, “- said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

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