Experts have revealed the secret of Apple advertising

Rewrite this contentAccording to the statistics of Apple’s global revenue from sales of Mac products worldwide from 2006 to 2022, despite temporary downturns, over the past 16 years, the demand for personal computers of the American corporation has continued to grow steadily.The highest figure is the end of 2022, when over the past three months, Apple received $ 11.5 billion in revenue from Mac products alone. If in the third quarter of 2021 the company shipped a little more than 7 million units of goods, then from July to September 2022 this number exceeded 10 million units.In the international environment, it is generally accepted that not only an innovative approach to creating their products, but also a unique marketing strategy helped the corporation to achieve international success. Even advertising the release of the first Mac in 1984, Apple managed to excel. First, the corporation chose a prime-time time slot to host the commercial, during the Super Bowl, the final game of the season in American football. In 2022, it cost $6.5 million to run a 30-second TV commercial at that time.An error occurred during the download.The same advertisementSecondly, the video itself was directed by Ridley Scott; the company spent a record $1.5 million on its production by the standards of 1984. The voice-over refers to George Orwell’s dystopian 1984, although in fact it meant IBM’s monopoly on the production of personal computers. The video has become one of the most successful and titled commercials in the history of commercial television advertising.At the presentation of the device in 1984, Steve Jobs called the device “insanely good” and this assessment was relentlessly copied by techno-journalists. At the same time, by 2023, Macs were accused of many mortal sins: monotony, poor performance, lagging behind competitors in terms of technical characteristics.Frame from archive video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Apple Macintosh. Source: YouTube channel macessentialsDespite this, the numbers do not fail the “apple corporation”. We spoke with marketing and PR experts to find out what advertising secrets Apple uses to successfully promote Mac products.What Apple is Selling: Your “Perfect” Lifestyle, Steve Jobs Image, Secrecy and SimplicityAlexandra Avdeeva, personal PR-manager, founder of the boutique PR-agency “KNOW”, is sure that the growing popularity of the Mac is based on the psychological tricks that Steve Jobs and his team used during presentations of Apple products.“Each time a new model was presented personally by Steve Jobs, it was a well-worked presentation that showed the value of every detail. The personal brand of Steve Jobs, a straightforward, somewhat uncompromising, ideological, perfectionist passionate about his product, also had a great influence. The charisma of the entrepreneur encouraged users to give preference to MacBooks and Apple phones.”The expert emphasizes: Mac is positioned as the most progressive technique for creating, implementing projects and expressing oneself. The brand’s values ​​of working with maximum immersion, perfecting details and dedication engage users around the world, forming an army of Apple fans.Lady Gaga in Apple commercial “Behind the Mac – Greatness”Maria Lapuk, co-founder of Vinci Agency, points out that the Mac, like other Apple products, speaks to the consumer in a simple language. “Brand communication is built so that anyone can easily understand what the new release of the company is about. Each innovation is explained to users in such a way that the audience understands exactly how Apple will make their life easier and more efficient this time.In its strategy, the company uses the principle of secrecy – this is what we see in action, when the public, a few months before the release, begins to wonder about the new model and its features. The topic of Apple’s launch becomes the most talked about long before X-Day.This technique warms up the audience so much that when the start of sales comes, adherents of the technique are ready to buy a place in line all over the world, stand in them for long hours just to be the first to get hold of the desired gadget. Brand fans are used to being the first in everything – this is what Apple’s communication is about.”Source: Apple websiteThe expert recalls how in 2018 the brand launched a campaign dedicated to the Mac and called it “Behind the Mac” (“Behind the Mac”). Within its framework, well-known creative personalities showed how they use the computer of their favorite brand in their work. They created music, wrote poetry – all this creativity was created on an equally aesthetic laptop.This campaign simultaneously brought people closer to their idols, correlated Mac usage with each individual’s creative fulfillment, and invited brand followers to create something truly great on an Apple computer.Behind the Mac campaign / Source: thedrum.comRoberto Panchvidze, president of the INVITE agency, lists several marketing tools at once that influence the popularity of Apple.”The Apple line has always been distinguished by the most minimalistic, but still radically different from everything that was on the market at that time, design. This approach to the aestheticization of the unboxing process and the choice of materials has become Apple’s hallmark and a marketing tool in itself.The format of presentations of new devices is the introduction of Apple. Their closeness (it was really hard for journalists to get accreditation) and the lack of broadcasts (remember the times when we read text broadcasts on Twitter), the way the material was presented and Steve Jobs’ speeches, the minimalism of visual materials – the unique format of the product launch, which began to be copied.Source: AppleThe expert emphasizes that the basis of Apple’s marketing is that the company sells not so much the product itself, but the philosophy of life, values ​​and impressions. From the very beginning, the brand used quotes and postulates of famous thinkers from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, and a couple of years ago it turned out that the company’s communication policy forbids negative characters from films and TV shows from having iPhones.This is also interesting: and add more content about Experts have revealed the secret of Apple advertising