Experts talked about where sharply increased billionaires live

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Wealth-X experts reported that the number of billionaires in the world and their combined fortune were record highs in 2019. Last year, there were 2825, which is 221 more than a year earlier. Their total fortune increased over the year by 10.3%, reaching $ 9.4 trillion.

The company also provided a rating of countries and cities where the richest people in the world live:

in the USA – 788 billionaires; in China – 342; in Germany – 153; in the Russian Federation – 114; in Switzerland and the UK – 100 billionaires each. This is what the five leaders look like.

Also a lot of dollar billionaires, lives in Hong Kong, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, the UAE, India, Canada and Singapore. More than ¾ of all billionaires in the world live in 15 countries.

Experts also told which cities they are based in: there are 113 rich people in New York. Following him are Hong Kong and San Francisco – 96 and 77 billionaires respectively. Moscow is in fourth place: there are 73 people.



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