Renault Logan began to offer on the car market of Russia in 2008, during which time the model gained popularity in the Russian Federation. As a result, cars remain in demand on the secondary market, so experts have told about the main shortcomings of a used car.

Experts point out that Renault Logan received flaws only after restyling. The model lost the stabilizer bar, which impaired handling. At the same time, the old "aspirated" volumes of 1.4 and 1.6 liters remained.

Together with the 5-speed manual model consumes a lot of fuel and slowly accelerates. Also, experts noted the strange ergonomics of the updated Renault Logan: small glove compartment, gas cap on the key and large luggage loops.

The quality of the paintwork also leaves much to be desired. For a maintained auto paintwork is very important, but the "Logan" may rust due to a thin layer of paint.

Experts noted that Renault Logan is offered at a price of 420,000 rubles on the secondary market. For this price it is advised to pay attention to the Volkswagen Polo sedan or models of KIA Rio, Hyundai Solaris, which will be more reliable.

Tatyana Ryazanskaya




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