Explanation of the DIY Regional Government regarding the Ibis Mall and Hotel in Malioboro Mentioned Being Taken Over by Sultan HB X All – Head of the Public Relations, Public Relations and Protocol (UHP) Section of the DIY Secretariat, Ditya Nanaryo Aji, explained the viral upload that said Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono (HB) X took over the Malioboro mall and the Ibis Malioboro Hotel.

Ditya emphasized that the Malioboro Mall and Ibis Hotel were not requested by Sri Sultan HB X.

“More because the 30-year Build-Use-Transfer contract has ended. The mall and some hotels have been returned to the local government,” he said when confirmed Kompas.comWednesday (14/9/2022).

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As previously reported, the upload with the narrative of Sri Sultan HB X taking over the Malioboro mall and the Ibis Malioboro Hotel was widely circulated on Twitter social media.

In the upload, Sri Sultan HB C is also said to be renting it out to someone else. As a result, all employees were laid off.

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Sri Sultan’s message so that there are no layoffs

KOMPAS.COM/WISANG SETO PANGARIBOWO Sri Sultan HB X while holding a greeting for a decade of Yogyakarta’s privileges, at the Kepatihan Ward, Yogyakarta City, Tuesday (31/8/2022)

Ditya added, based on the evaluation results, the old operational management was considered less than optimal so that management changes were necessary.

According to him, the consequence of this change in management is that employees from the old management will be dismissed.

However, his party underlined that Sri Sultan HB X requested that there be no layoffs for these employees.

“The governor advised that these employees can return to work and become a priority to be recruited by the new operational management,” he explained.

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The signing of the cooperation regarding the management of the Malioboro mall

Malioboro Street, YogyakartaShutterstock Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

Meanwhile, quoted from the official website of the DIY Regional Government, the local government has now appointed PT Setia Mataram Tri Tunggal as the new manager.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between the DIY Regional Government and PT Setia Mataram Tri Tunggal as the new manager was carried out on Tuesday (13/9/2022).

Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan HB X said this appointment was made while waiting for further negotiations regarding the status of the assets.

“We don’t have the opportunity to think further, while this mall or hotel is impossible to close. If it is closed, of course there will be consequences, people can’t sell in the mall. Moreover, the seller will not change people, only the management will change so it won’t happen. we are closed,” said Sri Sultan.

“The DIY local government will certainly build the next agreement, but the important thing (malls and hotels) is that this goes first,” he continued.

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He hopes that the new manager will be more profitable in terms of income.

It is known, the viral upload about the narrative of the takeover of the Malioboro Mall and the Ibis Malioboro Hotel Yogyakarta by Sri Sultan HB X was crowded on Twitter social media.

In his tweet, the uploader stated that the Ibis Malioboro mall and hotel would be taken over by Sri Sultan HB X.

All employees of the Malioboro Mall and the Ibis Hotel have been laid off, because the Sultan requested the hotel and mall to be rented out to someone else. And to be precise tonight Monday, September 13, 2022 at 00 we are no longer allowed to set foot in ibis as ibis employees,” says the narrative.

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