Explanatory video of InterAide – Union of Quebec Municipalities

Posted on February 2, 2023

In response to questions recently communicated by employees of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP), the ADGMQ produced a video on the InterAide platform and sent it to the regional directors of this ministry as well as to other employees who have requested to view it. To watch it yourself, click on the following link:

Remember that InterAide is a collaborative platform for free intermunicipal assistance in civil security. Covering the four dimensions of emergency measures, this secure Web tool available 24/7 makes it possible to identify the expertise as well as the human, documentary and material resources that the municipalities, RCMs or intermunicipal boards of Quebec wish to make available within the framework of an intermunicipal agreement for which a standard model is available.

This project is an initiative of the ADGMQ, supported by various partners, including the UMQ. To find out more, visit