Explore the forecourt of heaven in Doom Eternal’s first expansion

The Ancient Gods, Part One is the name of Doom Eternal’s first real expansion. This is a continuation of the action in the original game, where in the role of Doom Slayer himself you have to travel to new realms to correct the balance between heaven, earth and hell.

A quick teaser (which you can see above) shows a bit of what we have in store, with new enemy types and new surroundings, but the same sumptuous and hectic shooting experience as before.

It goes away in the sky too. Foto: Bethesda

The expansion is part of the game’s Year One pass and is scheduled to launch by the end of 2020. Bethesda will showcase even more of what we have in store during the opening of this year’s Gamescom, on August 27 this year.

Also on the next generation

In the meantime, however, they have also announced that anyone who owns Doom Eternal on today’s consoles can upgrade for free to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when the new slot machines are launched later this year and the new versions of the game are available.

The same goes for The Elder Scrolls Online, which was mentioned in the same announcement earlier this week.

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