Exploring Creativity in Scientific Research: A Day of Inquiry and Discovery

“Creative practice is in itself already a research process and should therefore constitute the heart of any doctoral project. (Alain Findeli and Anne Coste, 2007).

In everyday language, the term “creativity” is often used in the artistic field as a synonym for imagination. Yet creativity is necessary in all areas and can be defined as the “power that an individual has to create, that is to say to imagine and achieve something new[1] ».

This study day is intended to broadly question creative approaches in scientific research. Participants will be invited to present their research work by questioning the originality of the methodologies they use, especially if these come from other disciplines and open up to different approaches.

Within the hard sciences, a researcher in physics uses his creativity to generate new theoretical models in order to explain physical phenomena or design new experiments. In the humanities, creativity is often used to explore new perspectives and develop new concepts and theories. As far as the arts are concerned, creativity is associated with the artist’s ability to create original works and generally gives rise to a material achievement (painting, film, show, architecture, etc.).

How can scientific methods borrowed from different disciplines lead to creative processes in scientific research?
As part of this doctoral day, we propose four stages:

The art of investigation

Research-creation- Creative intimacy. The meeting between personal sensitivity and research in Art

Autobiography at the heart of research-creation

A bit of humour ?

Followed by a philosophical look into the creative process.

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It is possible to participate in video to the day by registering by email at one of these two addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

[1] – NBP FLUSSER, V., Arts, sciences, technologies. Before and after research-creation, Dijon, Presses du Réel, ArTec collection, collection of texts edited by Yves Citton, with texts by Yves Citton, Anderson Pedroso and Marc Lenot.

2023-05-05 07:00:00

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