Exploring Luis Buñuel’s Autobiographical Perspective on Jealousy in EL (1953): Lecture and Film Screening

Lecture & Film: Luis Buñuel // EL (1953)

»Buñu-ÉL: Autobiography of the Entomological Gaze«
Lecture by Dr. Javier Herrera-Navarro (Madrid)

Recording of the event on February 16, 2023 in the DFF cinema

ÉL is considered a strongly autobiographical film in Buñuel’s oeuvre. The film is based on a work by Spanish author Mercedes Pinto and tells the story of a rich man who is plagued by a growing and soon delusional distrust of his wife. With great poetic intensity, the filmmaker expresses his thoughts on the idea of ​​human beings as social beings. In his lecture, Javier Herrera-Navarro will examine Buñuel’s perspective on the issue of jealousy in Spanish culture.

Javier Herrera-Navarro is Author of the Bücher Studies on Las Hurdes de Buñuel (2006) and Luis Buñuel in his archive: from Los olvidados a Viridiana (2015). Derzeit stellt er den ersten Band von Buñuel Lector fertig.

HE. Mexico 1953
A: Luis Bunuel

2023-06-05 14:11:35

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