Exploring New Education Beyond Classroom Walls: Practices, Fields, and Limits

Study day

The new education, outside the walls.
Which practices, which fields? What limits, what interest?

Wednesday June 21, 2023

8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Inspé of the Academy of Créteil
Livry-Gargan site (93)
45 avenue Jean Zay

Study day organized by the Reflection Groups “Teaching differently” and “Educating for solidarity” of the Inspé of the Academy of Créteil

For the third consecutive year, the working and reflection groups “Teaching differently” and “Educating for solidarity” of the Inspé de Créteil are pleased to invite you to a study day devoted to New Education.
We will question the practices of openness of the school on the external environments and the educational conceptions which guide them. How are they rooted in the history of education and how are they changing?

We will also question the educational acts on the fringes of institutions and the back and forth between school and its “outside”. What place and what role do new pedagogies play in the school’s mission to leave no child outside of the now inclusive school?

This theme is therefore rich and multi-faceted, as evidenced by the diversity of the communications offered to you.

steering Committee
The study day is organized by Inspé trainers from the Créteil Academy: Angélique Benasayag (philosopher), Olivier Chaïbi (historian), Elisa Colay (Hispanist), Sandrine Bourret, Geneviève Guilpain (philosopher), Vincent Legeay (philosopher), Christine Murat (librarian), Isabel Vazquez de Castro (Hispanist) and Nathalie Wajeman (visual artist).

Targeted audience
This day is intended for a wide audience: students, teachers, trainers, researchers, parents of students, New Education activists, popular education movements, unions and anyone interested in education and pedagogy.


To facilitate the organization of this day, it is requested to pre-register.

Several members of the GFEN will lead workshops.

2023-05-31 18:41:21

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