A strong explosion occurred at a local waste recycling facility located in the zone of the largest Belgian port

Photo: IndaverPhoto: Indaver

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AT port the Belgian port Antwerp there was a strong explosion, the victim of which was one person, four more were injured of varying severity.

According to local agency Belga, the explosion for an unknown reason thundered at the waste processing plant located in the port area, after which the plant was engulfed in a violent fire.

According to preliminary data, the incident occurred due to the leakage of explosive liquid waste from the reservoir at the Indaver plant. The representatives of the company assured that the situation is under control and there is no threat to the environment and the population of the adjacent residential zone.

At the time of the incident, emergency services and law enforcement officers continue to work, the exact causes of the incident will be established during further investigation. All affected workers of the processing plant are hospitalized, they receive the necessary medical care.

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