Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

Explosion of complaints with the CSA: Does the TV exceed the limits too much?

Olivier Schrameck, President of the Superior Council of Audiovisual – ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA
hoaxes and homophobic insults, joke in very bad taste on battered women, moved gestures on the TV sets … In one year, the Superior council of the audio-visual one had work to do. As proof, as revealed by the site of Télérama between 2016 and 2017, the number of complaints lodged with the THAT’S IT has gone from 38,616 to 88,000 (of which 40,000 correspond to the homophobic skit in TPMP last May), an increase of 121%.

And in two years, this number has almost been multiplied by 10, from 8,906 to just under 90,000 … The symptom of a TV that exceeds more and more limits? Not necessarily.

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Over the two years, and out of the 1,000-1,200 cases dealt with per year, about 10% concern the question of rights and freedoms (which relates in particular to the ethics of the programs), and in 2/3 of the cases, the council does not do not follow. “Unlike all these ideas of censorship, in most of the times we do not intervene”, is it specified in 20 minutes by the CSA. We are not the arbiter of elegance and humor, not a “gendarme” either, we only apply the law and respond to its shortcomings. ”

Similarly, over the two years, the Council does not observe more overflows in 2017 than in 2016, despite the increase in complaints, “referrals” in the jargon (ranging from annoyance to the number of ads, non-respect of schedules, or problems of subtitling).

Increased visibility

If the increase of the complaints is not related to the increase of the overflows, how can one explain this explosion of the referrals? Notably thanks to a better visibility of the CSA, in particular on the social networks. This begins with the addition of the online form link to alert the authority in the “bio” of his Twitter account. “No need to do six clicks to find us,” says the CSA. “We decided that TV was not only on TV, but also lived on social networks. As a public service, it would have been odd not to take into account this new support “. And for connected viewers, the process is greatly facilitated.

Increased visibility through social networks, but can also be explained by CFS decisions made public and perhaps more publicized. Without counting on the fact that for some time, some personalities do not hesitate more to reveal on the social networks to have seized the council, with the image of Marlène Schiappa for the Angot-Rousseau affair in We are not lying , or Jeremestar, who had alerted followers on the distress of a candidate of reality.

If the CSA seems to have obtained in two years a form of recognition of its public utility, for sure that it retains its current organization still a long time. As reported Télérama in his article, Emmanuel Macron has recently doubted its effectiveness with LREM deputies of the Committee on Cultural Affairs. “It was thought, in its form, another era, which had other uses: it must completely rehabilitate. It is therefore likely that we still hear about the Higher Audiovisual Council in 2018.

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