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'Explosion of mystical faith' focuses on the second part of the exhibition 'Dalí-Rafael'

The work 'Explosion of the mystical faith' by Salvador Dalí replaces Rafael's' Virgen de la Roca ', which could be seen until the beginning of January at the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres, and focuses on the second part of the exhibition' Dalí-Rafael. A long dream. ' 'Explosion of mystical faith' is a painting of great dimensions and little known, which until now was in a corner of an installation below the dome and could be seen through the reflection of a mirror. Visitors will be able to see it now in the Hall of the Loggies in its entirety and accompanied by two sketches of the creative process, as well as other elements of the first phase of the exhibition.

The painting will occupy the site of Rafael's 'Verge de la Roca' oil, which had been loaned temporarily by the Prado Museum on the occasion of the 'De vuelta por España' campaign. In November, the Dalí Theater-Museum inaugurated the exhibition with the 'Virgen de la Roca' and, on the one hand, Dalí's "Ascension of Saint Cecilia". The show came true, posthumously, one of Dalí's dreams: that his works were exhibited alongside those of Rafael, whom he admired throughout his life.

Dalí fulfills the dream of exhibiting with Rafael

Dalí fulfills the dream of exhibiting with Rafael

Executed between 1959 and 1974, the "Explosion of mystical faith" has multiple readings, including the reproduction of a painting by Rafael, the "Santa Caterina d'Alexandria". Dalí placed the mystical figure in the middle of a nebula in the basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican. The exhibition, which can be seen throughout the year, also includes drawings, books, photographs and the projection of various interviews by Dalí.


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