Explosion over Bakhmut. Su-34 shot down

Fighting continues in the Donetsk region. The latest recording from Bakhmut confirms that the Russians attack intensively in the vicinity of the city, but also suffer more and more losses. This time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter in the air. Residents of the surrounding towns were awakened by a huge bang in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. After a while, clouds of fiery smoke appeared in the sky. They were the remains of a Russian machine, of which nothing remained. The footage of the daring action quickly went viral. According to the Ukrainska Pravda portal, the Kiev army used the Iris-T air defense system recently delivered by the Germans to eliminate the target. The Iris-T SLM set consists of a radar, a command post and three missile launchers located on trucks. It forms a sort of protective umbrella over a large area. One such system costs around EUR 140 million.