Explosive: Type R Limited Edition already accelerates on national roads – Take Note

A Limited Edition example of the explosive Honda Civic Type R is already on the Portuguese roads.

The exclusive edition, recorded under number 79, arrived this week in our country and is all the more special since, for the whole of Europe, only 100 copies are reserved.

The sublime character of this sports car is marked by color Sunlight Yellow, which is exclusive to this Limited Edition.

Also striking are the gloss black details on the roof, rear view mirrors and air intakes on the hood, and the iconic logo honoring successive generations of the Civic Type R.

The steering wheel and seats covered with alcantara in red tones, and the #79 number plate on the center console reinforce the exclusive feeling of the sports car.

Aimed at exceptional high performance, the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition saw its weight reduced by 47 kilos.

The suspension and steering were also revised, taking into account its performance for the racetrack, and distinguished by the new 20-inch BBS wheels in forged black.

The engine that powers the original Honda Civic Type R is the well-known 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo VTEC block.

And driving enjoyment is assured from the start, with 320 hp of power and 400 Nm of torque being fed to the front wheels by a six-speed manual gearbox.

The result? A top speed of 272 km/hour and 5.7 seconds starting from zero to 100 km/hour.

Now, if the reader is thinking of getting his hands on this special edition, he will be disappointed because this copy already has an owner.

The unconditional fan in question already has in his garage the Honda tram and, and a Honda Civic Type R #18, an exclusive edition inspired and with details referring to the Portuguese driver Tiago Monteiro.

If the Type R #18 is used by this self-confessed sports fan in his daily life, the Limited Edition satisfies his desire for “a sports car more geared towards track driving”.

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