EXPRESSO Arles remains on the platform of the Nîmes-Pont du Gard station

If the mayor of Arles, Patrick de Carolis, for a time thought of asking the SNCF to put the name of his city on the pediment of the new station, the cost of this baptism was right for his request.

The bill would amount to €200,000. Two hundred thousand euros so that the city of Arles can have its name affixed to the new Nîmes-Pont du Gard station. ” This cost includes changes in ticketing, media, passenger information, etc. “says one of our sources. Too high an amount that dissuaded the Town Hall of Arles from embarking on such an approach. A few years ago, the regional council had also given up on changing the name of the Sud de France station in Montpellier: “ We didn’t want this name, which is also the title of the regional brand, to be given to the station… But the SNCF had told us that it was between €250,000 and €300,000 for the name change! »

Since the advent of the new Nîmes-Pont du Gard station, ” many Arlesians go to Manduel which is 24 km away against 43 km to reach that of Avignon “. For decades, the elected officials of Arles, Nîmes – notably with the mayor Jean Bousquet – and Avignon have been trying to find a way to cooperate, particularly in terms of tourism, in order to promote this famous “golden triangle” “ which for now still looks like the Bermuda Triangle “, quips a source in Nîmes metropolis.

The Agglo Nîmes has also just submitted a file to Arles about the airport with a presentation of the structure and contract of the Edéis delegate. ” This airport is also that of Arles car the business jet is important during the weekends when Arles organizes events such as the Rencontres de la photographiewe are told. It would be quite logical for the airport to be under the care of Arles. It remains to be seen what the financial terms will be.


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