Extensive health pass control operation in cafes and restaurants in Draguignan

Under the responsibility of the sub-prefect Eric de Wispelaere and the commissioner Cédric Fevre, eight national police officers and three municipal police officers presented themselves on the terraces and in the establishments of the city center to check if the consumers and the waiters were in possession of the pass. health while checking their identity document.

Some people at the table appreciated the intervention: “It is a very good thing“for Annick.”I have already taken the third dose “ assures Gérard. Others, like Pierre, have not liked the fact that this control is carried out in the presence of journalists and cameras: “It’s laughable, he said, we bring in the TV, it’s a bit of cinema, of communication “ considers Pierre, nevertheless perfectly in order.

In one hour, 140 people, customers and staff in nine bars and restaurants, were checked, three people who did not have the pass were fined and a restaurateur for failing to control his customers’ pass.