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Extra-community children excluded from the canteen in Lodi. Salvini: «No to the cunning»

Extra-community children excluded from the canteen in Lodi. Salvini: «No to the cunning»

The controversy over the non-European children who in Lodi can no longer access the school canteen and other services if not after the presentation of documents provided by their parents' countries of origin re-explodes. Today the Carroccio has made a square defending the League Mayor, Sara Casanova. "There must be no scoundrels: everyone must pay, everyone must be treated in the same way," said deputy premier Matteo Salvini, leader of the League. «The fact that someone, certainly not the children but the parents, who could pay does not have to do it, represents an insult to Italian and foreign parents, who instead – has concluded Salvini – pay what they owe».

At the antipodes the position of the Democratic Party. "Something unworthy and unacceptable is happening," the Democratic Party deputies wrote in a statement. "How can a mayor fall asleep in a school cafeteria?" Asked the secretary of the government, Maurizio Martina, who then addressed directly to the Minister of Education Marco Bussetti: "Respond immediately to the urgent questions of the Democratic Party and stop this shame ". Called into question, the minister called for a solution capable of reconciling everyone's needs. "I'm sure – Bussetti said – that the right solutions will be found that keep children's rights and the duties of families together with respect for access to services. I am ready to meet the mayor, if necessary, to discuss the issue with her. I am sure that the first citizen of Lodi knows his reality well ».

A position, that of the minister, which ended up exacerbating the accusations of the left. The leader of the CGIL, Susanna Camusso, described the choice of the mayor of Lodi as "scandalous", speaking of "children used as hostages". Even more tough some municipal administrators of the Democratic Party. «We are facing a new fascism» thundered Pierfrancesco Majorino, councilor for social policies in Milan, while the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, spoke of «a new apartheid» that «forbids 200 children, because they are foreign, to eat at the school cafeteria and to use the school bus ». And for the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, "in this country someone wants to remember the 80th anniversary of the racial laws by inventing similar ones". Critics to the administration of Lodi also came finally from Forza Italy. "Excluding from the table with an ordinance of the mayor children born here from foreign families with documents in order seems the wrong answer to a serious problem," said Mara Carfagna, vice president of the Chamber. Critics and accusations, however, have not affected the position of the Carroccio, with the Northern League deputy Paolo Grimoldi who reiterated "total esteem and solidarity" to Sara Casanova, who merely stated that "the vice premier has already spoken today. Salvini. "

"The mayor of Lodi has done well – according to Grimoldi – to require compliance with current legislation that simply requests to produce a certificate, provided by their State of origin, attesting the lack of 'income or property movable and immovable property, for have access to reduced rates for school services ". Certificate for obtaining which, according to the parents of non-EU children, however, too much time is needed and too much money for the translation into Italian, legally valid, to be attached.

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