Extraordinary detail of Álvaro Fidalgo with a Club América fan

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Thanks to his excellent performances with the America club during the Guard1anes 2021 and the Grita Mexico Apertura Tournament 2021, Alvaro Fidalgo He has become one of the favorite players of the Azulcrema fans, but now more so with the noble gesture he had with a supporter of the whole of the Eagles.

Through social networks a fan of the largest team of Mexico published that his shirt, which bore the name of the Spanish midfielder, had been burned due to the flares used by the bar during the National Classic before the Chivas Rayadas from Guadalajara, which ended in a goalless draw.

“My Fidalgo jersey was all pierced by the burns from the flares, I am sunk in sadness,” wrote the user named Luis Ernesto, so the 24-year-old player contacted the message: “Friend! I saw what you put that happened to your jersey! I’ll do to give you a new one! Thank you very much for wearing my shirt “, were the words of the Spanish element.

Immediately Luis Ernesto shared the captures of the conversation with Álvaro Fidalgo, for which the American fans applauded this noble gesture, which with this and with his great performances with Club América, is going to turn to be a leading footballer of the institution of largest soccer in our country.

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