Extreme drought: a ghost village reappears

Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 6:09 PM – Drought is so severe in this region that water reservoirs are reaching critical levels. So much so that a ghost village has reappeared.

A severe drought is raging in Utah. These exceptional conditions exposed previously covered lands, revealing vestiges of the past. At Rockport Reservoir, the water is about a quarter of its total capacity, and the foundations of an old town that once stood there have emerged.

The town of Rockport was an American-European colony in 1860. It was never large with around 200 citizens. A history of the community suggests that it has changed its name throughout its 110 years of existence, including Crandall and Enoch City. In 1866, during the Black Hawk War, many residents settled in the settlement of Wanship, north of the present reservoir.

Using a drone to get a higher perspective made it possible to see where structures were located over 70 years ago. While the land in the photos appears dry, officials say the ground is likely muddy and unstable after decades of submersion in water. It is therefore preferable to observe the artefacts revealed by the drought from a distance.

With the collaboration of The Weather Network.

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