Eye Show: Fiorella Alzamora and his hint towards the ‘Zorro Zupe’: “There is no animal

Fiorella Alzamora She used her social networks to tell her followers that she experienced a moment of terror with her husband, when a bat entered her home. The model affirms that this experience caused her amusement and thus forget some bad time that the popular one could have put you through ‘Zorro Zupe’.

So far neither of the two celebrity characters has come out to tell the reason for the breakdown of their friendship. However, the former reality girl has not missed the opportunity to write on her social networks several hints that would be directed towards her former friend.

MIRA: The ‘Zorro Zupe’ and Fiorella Alzamora would have stopped being friends: What would be the reason? | PHOTOS

“Life continues and there is no animal that can against us”, was Fiorella’s blunt comment on his account Instagram. Apparently and based on this comment, the ‘Zorro Zupe’ would have tried to break into his family.

Let us remember that the ex-host of “Válgame” was the exclusive guest of Fiorella in Sweden, country where he currently resides with his partner, to pass the quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world. However, today both have stopped following each other on different social networks and no longer publish stories together.

What will be the reason for this separation?



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