F.A.Z. Chronicle of last weeks of war: April 26, 1945

Americans and Russians meet in Torgau on the Elbe.
Picture: Picture Alliance

The Ukrainian and Belarusian Soviet Republic emphasize the great contribution they would have made to the fight against Germany. The goal behind it: three Moscow seats in the United Nations. April 26, 1945 in the F.A.Z. Chronicle.

I.In 1945, the war that the Wehrmacht carried across Europe returned to its country of origin. Now millions in Germany fear for their lives and their future. While the front position is changing at an ever faster pace, the world of the post-war era is already emerging elsewhere. Adolf Hitler and his family hope to the end that the alliance of the opponents will break up.

The Allies only really agree on one goal: Hitler and his regime must go, Germany and its allies must capitulate unconditionally. In the meantime, reconstruction is already being discussed in France. And Britain senses that the world power era is over. The most important events of the last weeks of the war:


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