F1: Hamilton is no longer among the ten highest paid athletes in the world

Lewis Hamilton is no longer among the ten highest paid athletes in the world, testifies the ranking of Forbes magazine. Lewis was in the Top Ten in 2017 and 2021 (10th and 8th respectively).

Contrary to what might be believed, F1 drivers (with never more than four or five exceptions) do not charge at the level of the superstars of world sport. If Nascar publications are to be believed, most drivers in the US National Stock Car Championship earn more than most F1 drivers (although none at Ham’s levels, of course).

The list is led by our Lionel Messi, with other true legends such as LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer or Tom Brady (NFL player).

However, the most worrying thing for the seven-time champion is what Mike Elliott, Head of Technology at Mercedes, has just confessed: “We still don’t understand the difference in performance in Miami between Friday and Saturday.” On Friday, Russell led a completely atypical Practice (Max didn’t set times, Leclerc ruined or had his best laps on Softs ruined), with Hamilton fourth and very close.

However, those numbers seen up close already said that such high positions on the grid were not going to be sustainable when Red Bull and Ferrari put everything. So in reality, with the improvements that Mercedes presented for the weekend in Florida, they were in the same place as the rest of the year: mixed with the second field in Qualifying, third in no man’s land in race pace ( with permission from the Alfa Romeo of clumsy Bottas).

Says Elliott: “Between Friday and Saturday we will have made some changes and actually those changes were pretty minor, but there were also changes in conditions and we need to go through all of that data, extract as much understanding as we can from that and use that to move forward. in the next two races. Perhaps the drop of a few degrees in temperature between Friday and Saturday was key…

Trouble at Mercedes

However, on Friday they did not present obvious ‘porpoise’ in their car (and that was the most hopeful thing for the German team on that Friday), and on Saturday Russell and Hamilton headed butt, which did not subside on Sunday.

“We collected a lot of data on Friday when we had a great run and we collected data throughout the race and as always the engineers are looking at that, gaining understanding. Although we’re a bit behind on that right now, there’s a lot of effort, a lot of work trying to figure out how do we improve the car, how do we find that next little step forward,” Elliott said, with more thump than realism.