F1 Manager 23 announced: these are the new features

Formula 1 fans can also experience what it is like to be at the helm themselves this season. F1 Manager 23 has just been announced and one of the major innovations is the ability to recreate real moments from the current season. This way you can rectify that one tactical blunder or see if you succeed in guiding Max Verstappen to victory from P9.

F1 Manager 22 was the first release of Frontier Developments management simulation. That game looked very good, but lacked the depth to keep the game interesting for a long time. Something has been done about this in the 2023 edition, the developer promises. Even now you are at the helm of one of the ten teams on the Formula 1 grid and you make the most important decisions on and off the track.

The first innovation announced is the Race Replay mode. Here you will be presented with scenarios that really occurred during the current season. Examples are Verstappen’s catch-up race mentioned earlier, but it could also be that Fernando Alonso breaks his wing in Monaco and you still have to direct him to the podium. The career mode is also equipped with the necessary new features. One of these is the introduction of the sporting director, who, among other things, determines the risk during pit stops. Do you go all the way, with the risk of mistakes, or do you play it safe? In addition, the weight of your car also plays a role in determining your tactics and settings.

Training drivers

You could already hire drivers from Formula 2 and Formula 3, but the biggest difference now is that these championships are also simulated and you can therefore look back at race results. Also worth mentioning: if you sign a driver in F1 Manager 23, you can do so as of the new season. In last year’s game you could only change drivers immediately.

Manage tires

Other tweaks make tire temperature more important, meaning you’ll need to be sharper to optimize your cars’ grip. You also have to deal with the self-confidence of your drivers, which in turn influences what they can and dare to do on the track. For example, a driver with Verstappen’s confidence is more likely to go for a daring overtake.

F1 Manager will be released later this year for consoles and PC.

2023-05-24 11:59:01

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