F1 Spanish Grand Prix: Verstappen wins championship, Zhou Guanyu wins ninth

Original title: F1 Spanish Grand Prix: Verstappen won the championship and Zhou Guanyu scored ninth points

The Spanish Grand Prix will start on the 4th at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Red Bull Racing driver Verstappen, who started from pole position, led the way to win the championship. Hamilton and Russell of the Mercedes team won the second and third places respectively. Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu finished ninth and got two points.

Verstappen started from pole position, Sainz occupied the front row of the grid, and Zhou Guanyu, representing the Alfa Romeo team, started in 13th place. After the first lap, Verstappen took the lead, Sainz ranked second, and Zhou Guanyu ranked ninth in the scoring area. On the 33rd lap, halfway through the race in Spain, Verstappen still led strongly, leading the second place Hamilton by as much as 13 seconds, and Zhou Guanyu ranked 10th and was still in the points zone.

On lap 56, Zhou Guanyu tried to overtake Yuki Kakuda in front of him. Yuki Kakuda used aggressive defense to force Zhou Guanyu off the track. Then on the 62nd lap, the race announced that Kakuda Yuyi had been fined 5 seconds for illegally squeezing Zhou Guanyu. It is also worth mentioning that Zhou Guanyu surpassed Hulkenberg three times in the race. With his excellent overtaking performance, Zhou Guanyu finally ranked ninth and gained two points. This is the second time he has won points this season after the Australian race.

In the end, Verstappen won the championship and won his fifth championship of the season. Hamilton and Russell followed closely behind, Perez, Sainz, Stoll, Alonso and Ocon finished fourth to eighth respectively, Zhou Guanyu finished ninth and Gasly finished tenth.

The next Canadian Grand Prix will be held on June 18.