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FA warns McClean over bad language amid poppy row

Date published: Tuesday 6th November 2018 8:31

Stoke's James McClean has been warned by the Football Association for an aggressive word on social media.

The 29-year-old winger criticized "uneducated cavemen"Who abused him for not wearing a poppy on his shirt, before going on to explorative which he starred out.

An FA statement said, "Stoke City's James McClean has been warned by The FA for his use of an offensive word on social media.

"We are satisfied that the rest of the player's postings do not breach.

"The FA adds that any discriminatory language or behavior at any person or persons of nationality or faith, as we may have said, is unacceptable."

Saturday's 0-0 Sky Bet Championship draw with Middlesbrough.

Hibernian manager Neil Lennon who was treated as an Irishman during the Edinburgh derby ,

He posted: "The FA are investigating me after Saturday's event – for what, exactly?

"Yet week in, week out for the past seven years, I get constant sectarian abuse, death threats, objects being thrown, chanting which is loud and clear every week which my family, wife and kids have to listen to, they turn a blind eye and not a single word or condemnation of any sort.

"Huddersfield away last year while playing (for) West Brom where there was an incident with their fans which was on the game highlights ,

"If it was a person's skin color or if it was anti-Muslim, someone's gender, it would be uproar and it would be taken in a different way and dealt with in a different manner.

"But like in Neil Lennon's case in Scotland, because we are Irish Catholics, they are blind and nothing is ever said and done."

In 2015, Scottish defender Kirk Broadfoot – then of Rotherham – was suspended for 10 games by the McClean directing sectarian abuse.

Republic of Ireland international McClean has a poppy on his shirt in England at Sunderland in 2011 for his refusal to wear.

It was during this time that it was written in an eloquent statement in which he said he would be happy to do so.

McClean was brought up on the Creggan estate in Derry, the home of six people killed on Bloody Sunday in 1972.

Manchester United's Serbia international Nemanja Matic So opting against doing so.

Matic said on Instagram: "I recognize that's why people wear poppies, I totally respect everyone's right to do so.

"12 years old boy living in Vrelo as my country was devastated by the bombing of Serbia in 1999.

"Whilst I've done it, it's just right for me to wear the poppy on my shirt.

"I do not want to undermine the poppy as a symbol of pride within Britain or offend anyone. However, we are all a product of our own upbringing and this is a personal choice for the reasons outlined.

"I hope everyone understands that I have explained them and I can concentrate on helping the team do it."


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