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Fabrice Brunon's Rivales | counterpoint

A novel of great strength and beautiful writing. On a serious subject: schizophrenia. Treated with amazing subtlety and mastery.

By Johan Rivalland.

I discovered this novel quite by chance and did not really expect such a nice surprise.

The developed theme can be quite disturbing. He is here mastered masterfully by an author, Fabrice Brunon, whom I now only ask to discover.

The story is very subtle, served by a writing of incredible finesse and a rich vocabulary, which sound terribly right.

By very short chapters, alternating essentially between three key dates for the main character, the puzzle is formed little by little. And we understand little by little what is hidden behind the particularly complex psychology of the character (and in the end that of the other central protagonists). The twists are numerous and the author manages to captivate us completely, not being able to let go of the book.

An oppressive atmosphere, a rhythm removed

Lenore, a 35-year-old violinist, is alone in the imposing, secluded, family home in the countryside when her husband and son are late that day. What never happens

Threatened with terrible anxieties and partially cured of a childhood disturbed by psychological disorders, Lenore found a certain balance around this family life. Also, her husband is always punctual so as not to disturb this tranquility found. Especially since his own mother died in a car accident a few years ago. This reinforces his concern, while that day the elements are unleashed and a storm is raging. That's why she is very worried, more and more as the minutes go by …

Thus we will discover little by little the universe that is that of Lenore, the obsessive disorders of which it is or has been the object, through the reminiscences of its past. In an oppressive atmosphere that will lead us from surprise to surprise, in a scenario of great finesse and accuracy that will leave you stunned.

A superb discovery. A novel that I strongly recommend. Probably the best I've read in the last two or three years. And this is a first novel! Originally written for his wife, and then edited freely on Amazon, the book found its audience (even if it did not touch everyone in the same way, as is often the case).

Fabrice Brunon, rivals, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 2016, 178 pages.


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