Facebook, a tool that urgently needs to be regulated to prevent fake news

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Guadalajara Jalisco.

The building relationships and interactions in the digital age has moved to networks Social networks, being Facebook one of the most important, due to its dynamism, intermediality and proximity between people, this social network has displaced traditional media.

The general director of communication and networks in the Public Broadcasting System of the State of Mexico, Miguel Ángel Elorza, who participated in the new season of TVMORFOSISrecognizes the power of Facebook, but also

points out that its lack of regulation generates a large amount of Fake News

That destabilize the medium and undermines the credibility of the news genre that is created on this platform.

Photography: UDGTVCanal44

Newsroom newsrooms have always been careful when it comes to treating information and verifying what has happened. With social networks, this treatment of information has not been defined and what it has paradoxically caused is a niche opportunity for the public media.

Furthermore, he added that:

“In the case of the public broadcasting system of the State of Mexico, we have an “infodemic”, what we do there is deny false news, fight against this excess of misinformation and then, there we take time to get the content and through networks fight against fake news and misinformation” Miguel Angel Elorza pointed out.

Photography: UDGTVCanal44

Public broadcasters use Facebook as a content dissemination tool but not like generators

caring for audiences is improving the quality of ideas

Even if that means not getting the big ratings, this is how the General Director of Tv4, Juan Aguilera Cid, explains it.

“I would like to focus on the fact that it is not only about gaining audiences

it is about transmitting better content

And what we dedicate ourselves to is precisely to be able to generate that content that is suitable for different types of media that are the audiences. So it is to grow that ability to bring your audience, but in our case from certain content it is what matters, it is precisely that value that they have, not just growing for the sake of growing “ said Juan Aguilera, General Director of TV4.

For public television Facebook has not lost its strength despite the arrival of other digital platformsbut if they consider that their permanence depends on the improvement of their policies, since

audiences cannot be maintained with unsubstantiated content

That they publish false news or half-truths.

If you missed this panel, you can watch it in full here:

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