Facebook advertising boycott had no economic effect

The boycott of major advertisers has not tangibly reduced the revenue of Mark Zuckerberg’s business./Keystone/ Mandel Ngan

The boycott of Facebook has been followed for two months by a thousand major advertisers who refuse to be associated with hate speech relayed by the social network. But it had no effect on his income, says Axios. Mark Zuckerberg’s company beat Wall Street expectations in the second quarter and indicated that its advertising revenue growth for the first three weeks of July is comparable to that of last year (+ 10%). Facebook has grown its advertisers by one million in the past six months. These are mostly SMEs.

Why are we talking about it. Launched by civil rights activists in June after Facebook, unlike Twitter, refused to report messages from Donald Trump that postal voting is synonymous with fraud, the #StopHateForProfit campaign has spawned more than a thousand major brands like Coca Cola to boycott the platform. If brands like Ben & Jerry’s intend to continue their boycott, others like North Face, the first to have stopped its ads, are coming back. The effect of this boycott seems nil. Facebook’s ad revenue growth was only 11% last quarter, but that’s because of the economic crisis.


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