Facebook and Meta lose millions of users


Written in MONEY the 10/11/2022 · 17:16 hs

In a report called The Global State of Digital 2022in its October update and developed by the social network manager known worldwide as Hootsuite In collaboration with We are socialhave announced that the social network Facebookas well as those that complement the company Metaare found in black numbers.

The loss of users is significant because, according to what was said in this report, around 89 million accounts have been lost just in the well-known social network of Facebookthe second strongest social network of this conglomerate, Instagramhas lost 3.8% of its users, this, in numbers, represents around 54 million accounts.

The messaging app known as Messengerwhich is a “filial” Facebook has lost 24 million accounts, which in a total sum represents more than 150 million users. It is important to emphasize that due to how organic these accounts are, that is, they share the same profile, the numbers may be different.

Similarly, if you lost access to a single social network, it could be because you did not configure the profile correctly. Facebook also linked to the accounts of Instagram y Messengerthis does not happen with WhatsApp since the phone number is used and not a profile.

The study tries to explain that the reason for the loss, beyond other causes such as deaths, hacking or other reasons for loss of access to accounts, people are beginning to prefer other social networks such as the Chinese social network , TikTok and YouTube.

And it is that these social networks aim to be the leaders in a few years, mainly because people prefer the novelty, the visual and, above all, the short; In this sense, both social networks focus on audiovisual content, primarily on TikTok with the short videos.

In the case of YouTubehas launched, for several months, the section on YouTube Shorts which is nothing more than uploading short videos as it is done on the Chinese social network.

The same case happens with networks Meta as: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAppbecause they have included these short videos as states or, in the case of the “camera” application where they have the name of reels, however, it has not been to the liking of the majority of users because they feel “stunned” before many videos of this type.

Despite the loss of users reported by Hootsuite y We are social, Meta and mainly Facebookcontinue to be the most used social networks and TikTok it is still far from the gross number of accounts it has Mark ZuckenbergAlthough its growth is threatening, even the bulk of the population does not pass sentence for its favorite.