Facebook announces removal of facial recognition system, 1 billion accounts worldwide

Jerome Pecenti, vice president of artificial intelligence atFacebook revealed that “Regulators Still in the process of defining clear rules for use But in the midst of uncertainty Believe that the face recognition system is limited to use in a few cases. is an appropriate measure.”

This restriction will focus on shutting down the system. face recognition template of more than 1 billion users, accounting for more than a third of the total, and the company is expected to remove the system successfully by December 2021. (i.e., it will not be available at the same time around the world during Dec.)

However Facebook It’s not permanently disabled. and still see it as a powerful tool that can be used to help in some cases, for example, to facilitate those who want to verify or protect their identity, in fraud, including impersonating others in the online world. The company will continue to develop this system further.