Facebook started to notice hints that it had huge processor ambitions a few months ago when it created vacancies to fill positions for a new team. One of the lists asked a person to manage an end-to-end SoC / ASIC, firmware, and driver development organization. While Facebook is one of the largest companies in the world, it's not exactly known for hardware like Apple and other tech giants. Hiring an industry veteran who led the Google Chip team could help him achieve his goals and prevent the project from wasting time and resources.

The company refused to talk about Rabii and the new team BloombergSo it still has to be disclosed whether it is homemade chips with the devices on which it is supposed to work. According to previous reports, Facebook is developing a tablet for video calls and an echo / home-like smart speaker. The publication says Rabii reports to Andrew Bosworth, head of virtual reality and augmented reality. Whether that means, Facebook builds its own chips for Oculus devices, but remains to be seen.


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