Facebook exceeds $ 1 trillion on the stock market


Monday June 28, the media The Verge reports that Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has surpassed the base of $ 1 trillion valuation on the New York Stock Exchange. Other giants have already exceeded this milestone, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet.

Facebook crosses the $ 1,000 billion mark

Last Monday, the price of Facebook recorded a huge increase on Wall Street. The stock climbed 4.18%. The American firm has just joined the club of companies worth more than $ 1,000 billion on the stock market, which also includes the Apple brand, Microsoft and the e-commerce giant Amazon.

As a reminder, the action of the social network jumped a few seconds after the announcement of the rejection of two complaints filed in 2020 accusing Facebook of anti-competitive practices.

On Tuesday, June 22, it should be noted that Microsoft became the second listed firm to reach $ 2 trillion in capitalization on Wall Street. Apple also took this step last year.

Facebook joins a very closed club

Since the start of 2021, the shares of the American firm have continued to increase. It seems that Zuckerberg’s company has taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this period, millions of people around the world use the group’s social networks on a daily basis.

After only 17 years of existence, Mark’s firm has just joined the most exclusive club of companies worth more than $ 1,000 billion on the stock market.

As a reminder, the Facebook network seems out of steam. However, the group has managed to develop. How? ‘Or’ What ? By buying competing applications, including Instagram in 2021 and WhatsApp in 2014.

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Note that the American company is today at the center of several criticisms concerning the protection of the personal data of its users.