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Immediately followed all the events of Al-Jazira against Al-Ahly in the sixth round of the AFC Champions League Al Jazeera 0 × 1 Al Ahli Immediate coverage moment by minute * Please update the page to follow up all the latest updates of the game

15 ‘The ball reaches the happy born in the right, to pass it forward towards the penalty area where the facilitator who tames the ball and then the referee to infiltrate it.
14 ‘transfer of the ball between players Ahli in the regions of the island in the meantime.
13 ‘Khatiyyeeyeeyeeyeeeira to the island by a cross from the left by Salim Rashed raises the ball and turns the ball head to the goal, but far to a goal.
11 ‘The ball goes back to the Ahli without gravity, to start the attack with the transfer of the ball in the back.
10 ‘Al-Ahli started to retreat in the meantime and rely on the rebounds, while Al-Jazeera players move ball in search of gaps.
8 ‘Jazraoui’s rush in the meantime in a bid to tie quickly.
# Champions League_Asia Round 6 #Ahli_Ajira The first goal for Al Ahli was scored by Saleh Al Omari 7 minutes into the game # Ahli The Island # ACL2018 Good luck to the stars # Ahli pic.twitter.com/kTOVuzR4Mh – Al Ahli Saudi Club (@ALAHLI_FC) April 17, 2018 6 ‘Hamdan Al-Shamrani penetrated the ball in the left of the penalty area until he reached the line of the corner, and then sent a cross-ground around it fit to the goal crossed the ball between the feet of Abdul Rahman Al-Amiri and embraced the nets.
6 ‘قوووووووووووووووووووول أول للأهلي by صالح العمري.
5 ‘The ball goes back to the island, whose players roll the ball until Mabhout, who sends a shot from the right of the penalty area, goes far to a goal.
3 ‘Al-Ahli started to get out of its regions, and players are moving the ball now in the regions of the island.
The island is on the left with the usual white, and the family on the right is green.
1 ‘early line of the island with a pass from Romarinho positioned just before the right of the penalty area to Mabhout, who tames the ball to the right of the area and then includes and sends a ground shot, but pass peacefully at the goal of Musaylim.
# Champions League_Asia Round 6 #Ahli_Ajira The beginning of the game # Ahli vs the island # ACL2018 Good luck to the stars # Ahli pic.twitter.com/gcJ0jXdNrg – Al Ahli Saudi Club (@ALAHLI_FC) April 17, 2018 1 ‘The whistle starts at the start of the first half and the meeting.
Ali al-Sumairi, Mohammed al-Owais, Muhannad al-Ansari, Giannis Vittvatzeidis, Faisal Darcy, Amir Kurdi, Mansour al-Harbi).
The visitors of the “Ahli”: Ukrainian coach “Sergei Rybrove” starts in a way (4-2-3-1), with a variety of players including: (Yasser Al-Musaylim / Saeed Al-Mawlid, Aqeel Belghith, Hamdan Al-Shamrani, Moataz Hossawi / Walid Bakhshwain, (Mo’men Zakaria, Tayseer Al-Jassim, Salman Al-Maoud / Saleh Al-Omari).
Starting lineups for Al Jazira FSC (UAE) vs Al Ahli Saudi FC (KSA)! The winner will secure top spot in Group A! Who will it be? # ACL2018 #JZRvASD pic.twitter.com/ZrJCTWSURy – AFC Champions League (@TheAFCLL) April 17, 2018 Spider substitutes: Hamid Ahmad, Salim Khairi, Salim Al Eidi, Ahmed Al Hashimi, Mohammed Al Attas, Yaqoub Al Hosani and Zayed Al Omari. Al-Jazeera: Dutch coach Henk Tin Katy starts with a 4-2-3-1 match with Abdul Rahman Al Ameri, Mohammed Fawzi, Musallam Fire, Salem Ali, Salem Rashed, Mubarak Boussoufa, Mohamed Jamal / Khalifa Mubarak, Romarinho, Harib Saadi / Ali Mbkhout).
Formation of the two teams:
Ali Mabkhout has so far scored 50% of his team’s goals this season, with the international striker scoring 4 out of 8 goals. Al-Jazira have won only two of their last 20 matches in the AFC Champions League, five draws and 13 times lost. The Royal lost only two games from his last 17 in the strongest competition on the Yellow Continent, during which he won 9 wins and 6 draws. The top-ranked Spider-Man was not lost in the last four games, the two teams won the championship, winning 3 and drawing one. Ahli have qualified for the last 16 of the AFC Champions League this season and will have to avoid losing the island if they want to climb as leaders. Match numbers: Al-Ahly lost the Saudi league title to Al-Hilal, who won the last round. Al-Jazeerah suffered a terrible defeat in the quarter-finals of the UAE President’s Cup with a 3-0 win.
The two teams qualify for the first group, and as for the rest of the qualifying teams will try to both rise as a leader and not a summer, to avoid the face of Al-Dahil in the role of the 16, and will enter the upscale meeting and in his team 11 points and tie it to keep the lead, while the Spider will enter the meeting is owned 8 His points placed him in second place, and he would have to win any result if he wanted to miss the first place of the Royal.
Dear readers, Welcome and welcome to the direct written coverage – presented to you by Jules – to the Arabian Gulf Derby between Al-Jazira and Al Ahli Saudi Arabia in the sixth round of the AFC Champions League. You are accompanied by Ahmed Radwan.

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