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The target company —matrix of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp y Messenger— fired and adopted disciplinary action against more of twenty employees and contractors over the past year for “hijacking” and unlocking user accounts, in some cases allegedly for bribery, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

These workers would have used the online operations system (Oops), a mechanism that has existed since the early years of Facebook as a means for employees to help users who have forgotten their passwords or have lost the access to your accounts because hackers.

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Supposedly, this procedure is limited to special cases such as friends or relatives of the workerbusiness partners and public figures.

However, usage increased markedly as headcount increased. In 2020, Oops responded to some 50,270 requests, up from 22,000 three years earlier, according to an internal document reviewed by the newspaper.

Meta indicated that in some cases los workers they accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from hackers external sources to access user accounts, according to internal sources with whom the outlet was able to speak and documents to which it had access.

Some of those laid off were contractors working as guards of security in the goal facilitieswho were given access to the internal mechanism of the facebook matrix.

“People who sell fraudulent services (like locked account recovery) always go to online platforms, including oursand adapt their tactics in response to detection methods commonly used in the industry,” said the goal spokespersonAndy Stone, to the tabloid, adding that the company “will continue to take the appropriate measures against those involved“.

These types of internal problems highlight the complicated problem that goal has to support its more than 3 billion users on its platforms, as the company does not have a customer service hotline.

Meanwhile, when users cannot access their accounts, they usually try automated methods to restore them or try to communicate with some worker in Meta by phone or email.

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Employee Reva Mandelowitz, who was a Allied Universal contractorwas fired in February after an internal investigation found that she allegedly restored several user accounts on behalf of hackers, receiving thousands of dollars in bitcoins for her services, according to the specialized media.