Facebook: foreigner attacked sexageria and now his stay in the country is at stake [VIDEO]


Through Facebook, a Peruvian man origin assured that a woman foreign ( Venezuelan ), Assaulted a lady of about 60 years with a cement iron; This is what this man published through this social network. The Venezuelan , without his face being seen; she was already arrested by the country’s police he did not want to give statements about what had really happened while the policeman was trying to keep the person who was filming away Facebook . YOU CAN SEE Venezuela: They capture subjects who killed two horses and sell their meat as beef After the patrol left, the accuser said: “Here we see this Venezuelan what has attacked a person than 60 years old; He has thrown a cement parante, “he said. Facebook . The “witness”, who was still recorded for Facebook , it was found with the victim assaulted , who told him that the attack was in the leg. Also, she assured that she was Venezuelan and it could not be shared like that, while pointing his cell phone at the police car. The daughter of the daughter, who arrived at the place, told the foreign that “she was a brute”.

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