Facebook gives video creators a share of advertising revenue from music

Facebook introduces “Music Revenue Sharing” for video creators. In the future, they will receive part of the advertising revenue if their videos contain music from the platform’s license catalogue. To do this, however, certain conditions must be met.

With the new program, Facebook wants to “offer both the authors and the owners of music rights a new opportunity to earn money with videos on Facebook,” according to a statement from the parent company Meta. Video creators receive a 20 percent revenue share for videos, with a separate share going to the rights holders and to Meta.

However, in order to be able to show the in-stream ads, the videos must meet certain requirements. The videos should have a minimum length of 60 seconds and be uploaded to a Facebook page instead of a private profile. The music must come from Facebook’s own licensed music library and the video must “contain a visual component” – the licensed music itself cannot be the primary purpose of the video. Videos must also continue to comply with Facebook’s monetization policies, community standards, and music policies.

The “Music Revenue Sharing” will be introduced immediately and will initially start in the USA. However, the program will be expanded to all Facebook markets in the coming months.