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2019-10-21T09: 04Z

2019-10-21T09: 04Z



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MOSCOW, October 21 – RIA News. Facebook removed the English-language page of one of the sites of the MIA "Russia Today", the portal Arctic.ru, the press service of the agency called it censorship.

“Arctic.ru’s page lock is within the framework of today's Western understanding of the concept of freedom of speech: it exists, but not for everyone, and for Russian resources it no longer exists. At first, Facebook blocked the accounts of our journalists, now it’s got to nature and white bears. We we understand everything — a strategic adversary, and so on. But stop trying to teach the whole world your “democratic" values. And call a spade a spade. In this case, censorship, "RIA Novosti was told in the press service of Russia Today.

By the way, this is not the first case of an unjustified blocking of information resources of an agency. In January of this year, the social network blocked Sputnik pages and employee accounts. Last week, the social network also without explanation blocked the RT project page with recipes for Russian cuisine. Now – the Arctic project of MIA "Russia Today".

“From the first days of October, we were not able to post videos on our English-language account on the social network, and all our requests to administrators about this remained unanswered. Then we were deprived of the opportunity to make any publications, again without explanation, and finally, on October 14, our the page simply disappeared, "the press service reports the head of the directorate of state Internet projects of the medical group Elena Davydova, who also added that the site will continue to seek clarification of the reasons for the blocking from the social network administration.

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Simonyan commented on the removal of Facebook pages RT with recipes

From the beginning of October, Facebook began to consistently block the Arctic.ru project page in English, the press service said. First, it was forbidden to post a video, then – to make any publications, and on October 14 the page was deleted.

“We were as apolitical as possible, adhered to the facts and tried not to express our own opinions. We published legislative initiatives and acts on the conservation and development of the Arctic territories, information on the wildlife of the Arctic and the indigenous peoples of the North (both Russian and foreign), the history of Arctic expeditions, in particular, diaries of drifting polar stations. School teachers even contact us to help them organize thematic lessons or lectures. Blocking an account on the eve of two major of the events in Russia “Arctic: present and future” and “Arctic Days in Moscow” are generally a knife in the back, ”Davydova’s words are quoted.

Facebook, as the agency’s press service added, didn’t respond to a single request about the reasons for the block.

Arctic.ru is a special project of MIA Russia Today, which started on August 1, 2015 with financial support from the Russian Geographical Society. At the moment, the site is the only informational project at the federal level dedicated to the Russian presence in the Arctic. Arctic.ru covers the problems of natural resources and infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route, economics and international cooperation, ecology, preservation of the culture of the indigenous peoples of the North, tourism and recreation in the Arctic region.

The site is an information partner of all the largest Russian events on the Arctic topic, supports various sports and cultural events, such as swimming in the seas of the Arctic Ocean, exhibitions, holidays, etc. It works in Russian and English.

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