Facebook is losing young users, Netflix and Spotify are gaining ground

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Study: Facebook is losing young users, Netflix, Twint and Spotify are growing strongly

Despite all the services: Classic television remains by far the most popular way to spend the evening in front of the flickering box. Even teletext is still widely used.

Instagram and Snapchat have now overtaken Facebook in favor of young users.


The corona crisis triggered a surge in digitization. This is also reflected in the figures for the Digimonitor, a study carried out by the Electronic Media Interest Group (IGEM) and the AG for Advertising Media Research (Wemf). In figures, this means around 500,000 new users on Netflix (total: 2.8 million) in Switzerland and 200,000 on Spotify (total: 2.2 million).

There has also been a massive increase in the number of users of the Twint payment service. According to the study, one million more users were added within a year (total: 2.8 million). The study also names Zoom with 2.6 million users and Microsoft Teams with 2.5 million users as the “growth winners compared to 2020”. Both tools that are likely to have enjoyed increased popularity due to home office.

Alternatives to WhatsApp are catching up

The big data protection debate has not yet penetrated the WhatsApp user numbers. The intelligence service remains by far the largest of its kind in Switzerland. 5.6 million Swiss people send messages, videos and pictures across the country in this way. Alternatives such as Telegram (940,000 users), Signal (860,000 users) and Threema (710,000 users) are catching up, “but WhatsApp remains the main messenger even for people who have downloaded an alternative,” it says in the study.

The move away from Facebook observed around the world is only arriving late in Switzerland. 3 million people in Switzerland continue to use the social media channel. What stands out: According to the study, Facebook is losing its young users. The average age on the Zuckerberg platform is an impressive 43 years, on Instagram it is 11 years less. Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and the gamer platform Discord are more popular among young people than Facebook.

Television remains trump card

Digitization here, digitization there: Classic television is still the easy market leader in the field of moving images. 6.3 million or 94 percent of all Swiss still consume the usual television channels. In contrast, the usage figures for Play Suisse, the SRG’s streaming platform (690,000 people), Amazon Prime (300,000) and Disney + (650,000) are almost marginal.

Even though it has often been declared dead, teletext lives on. 2.4 million (36 percent of the population) obtained information “at least occasionally” via teletext, according to the study. Probably not even Corona can digitize everything away. (mg)

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