Facebook launched Podcast platform, Spotify the Cloubhouse clone Greenroom

Big Tech is stepping up its audio efforts. Facebook plans to launch its long-awaited podcast platform in the coming week. Streaming pioneer Spotify, meanwhile, announced a new standalone live audio app called Greenroom two and a half months after acquiring Locker Room.

The announcement is almost two months old, now it’s getting concrete. In the coming week, Facebook will roll out its podcast platform, as reported by the tech portal The Verge with reference to an email to podcasters. The upcoming Tuesday, June 22nd, is named as the date.

In mid-April, Facebook announced as part of a major audio offensive that it wanted to jump on the podcast bandwagon as well, by integrating the world’s largest social network more closely with the booming format. This means that users no longer have to leave the app to access (certain) podcasts. The third most valuable internet company in the world announced at the time that Facebook users should be suggested suitable podcasts or individual episodes based on their interests.

Facebook users can post minute-long podcast clips

Now more details about the launch have been announced. Podcasters can link their RSS feed directly to Facebook, where the link to the podcast episode will appear in the news feed and the new podcast tab.

In addition, Facebook offers the option that users can share clips of up to one minute from the podcasts – provided that podcast publishers activate the feature. The first echo on social media, however, is rather cautious to critical.

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It still seems unclear whether Facebook will roll out its podcast platform next Tuesday worldwide or only in the USA.

Spotify started Clubhouse-Klon

The world’s largest social network is not alone with its audio offensive. On the contrary: Spotify even launched an app called Greenroom yesterday, which is supposed to become the challenger of Clubhouse.

The attack was announced at the end of March with the takeover of Betty Labs, the start-up behind the audio app Locker Room. “This acquisition builds on our work on the audio formats of the future and will accelerate Spotify’s entry into the live audio arena,” the Swedish streaming pioneer announced at the time.

Aus Locker Room wird Greenroom

At Locker Room, until the acquisition, only live audio discussions about sports could be heard. Spotify announced at the time that it would initially take the app offline in order to then further develop it for a wider audience and launch it under a new name. That happened yesterday.

In Greenroom, up to 1000 users can listen to a conversation about sports, music and pop culture in a room, which can then be made available later in a podcast.

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The booming audio market has continued to grow over the past few months. Just yesterday, Apple announced the global rollout of its premium podcast offering. The new audio hype kicked off at the beginning of the year with the Cloubhouse app, which was launched in 2020 and was quickly countered by Twitter’s Spaces variant and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms offer.