Facebook launches a version of Messenger for kids

Facebook launches a version of Messenger for kids

Facebook announces Messenger Kids, a version of its chat application created specifically for children.

Messenger Kids is a dedicated application, according to Facebook, for children between the ages of 6 and 12. The new application does not require a Facebook account from children and grants parent rights to the administrator. To comply with the laws in force in several countries, Messenger Kids does not require a Facebook account for children using the app. In countries like the United States, children under 13 can not have Facebook accounts. However, one of the parents’ Facebook account is required, with administrator rights on the application. Messenger Kids can only be downloaded by a parent and it controls the child’s contact list. The application focuses on both written and video communication, offering a whole range of options for young people. These include several types of filters and masks, such as those popularized by Snapchat. In order not to be suspected of certain hidden intentions, Messenger Kids will not include ads . The US company has made it clear that the app will not collect children’s personal data to show commercials. Facebook’s goal is not one with immediate results. Through Messenger Kids, the company does not want to get direct income, but rather tries to secure its future.

As children do not have a Facebook account until a certain age, Facebook is trying to make a connection with them through parents, a link that will attract the little ones into the network when they reach an age that will allow them to create an account. For now, Messenger Kids is only available in the United States, but Facebook has announced it will launch it in other countries. Source:

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