Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Facebook launches an 'app' that pays its users for their information for market studies

Facebookhas presented its new applicationStudy from Facebook, with which you pay your participants in exchange for sharing information about what applications they use and how they do it, in order to serve asmarket analysisto create better products for its users in the social network.

As announced by the social network in a statement, this new application may be used by those who have been invited by Facebook, and will be available for the moment in the United States and India.

The social network will launch a series of announcements about the app and users who click on them, will be able to access to register to be one of the candidates to use Study from Facebook.The platform will evaluate if the user complies with the characteristicsthey consider relevant and, if so, you will be allowed to download the application through the Google Play Store.

Once you have registered in the app, you will have to accept the permissions where you specify how it works and what information will be the one you share. Thus, Facebook will collect data about the applications installed by the participant in the phone, the amount of time spent in them, the country, device and type of network used, and the activity name of the apps.

All those who participate in Study from Facebook will receive financial compensation for sharing this information, which will be managed, together with the technical service and registration, by the partner company of Facebook Applause, specialized in market studies.

It is the same company that managed Facebook Research and Onavo, a Facebook VPN application that was also used for market studies, withdrawn last Februaryafter knowing that they obtained data from underage users, a circumstance that led to the temporary cancellation of the Facebook developer license for Apple systems.

In addition, from Facebook they assure thatthey will not collect information about passwords or about the content of the profileslike the photos or the messages, and that they are not going to sell any type of information to third parties nor to use it to make customized announcements for the user.

Participantsthey can leave the application when they wantuninstalling it and notifying your express wish to stop participating in it.


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