TikTok is an application that little by little has been conquering great part of users in the last months. The opportunity to share short videos accompanied by music has generated a sensation among the audience of young people, at such a level to draw the attention of Facebook. We already know that the social network copies the successful proposals of other companies, Snapchat, and now TikTok, property of ByteDance, has been the point of motivation for its new product.

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Facebook launched Lasso, an identical copy of TikTok. The application is now available for iOS and Android devices, for now only in the United States. Everything seems to indicate that the company realized the great power of the platform and did not want to let go the opportunity to conquer more users with the implementation of an identical app.

TikTok app

Lasso allows you to capture and share videos of 15 seconds, while in the background you can hear some song from the available list. They have millions of tracks to choose from and accompany the video, according to Facebook. It has an algorithm to make suggestions of the most popular clips, although it is also possible to navigate between the already published content through hashtags, collections or the same search page. One point to consider is that all the profiles are public.

One point of difference with TikTok is that Lasso does not have augmented reality filters, however, it has effects such as slow motion or fast forward. As previously thought, users can log in using their Facebook or Instagram profiles. You also have the option to share the videos in Facebook Stories, but not in Instagram stories. Most likely, this option will be added later.

It is a surprise that the launch of the Lasso platform has not generated so much noise. Facebook wants to manage the application independently, the description of the app makes it clear.

"Lasso is a new independent application for short, entertaining videos, from comedy to beauty, fitness and more, we are excited about the potential, and we will collect comments from people and content creators."



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