Facebook Messenger: how to prevent strangers from sending you messages

Facebook Delivery courier users can prevent strangers from sending them messages altogether, and this can be helpful in reducing spammers and intruders. Since Messenger is directly connected to Facebook, some users receive hundreds of spam messages along with unwanted messages from strangers because their profiles are already accessible through Facebook. However, there are several privacy settings that users can modify for a better experience.

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging applications as it is directly connected to Facebook. When a Facebook user decides to send a message to a friend, she does it through Messenger. Facebook Messenger has received many valuable updates in recent months, including improved encryption, secret conversations, shortcuts, and much more.

Messaging functionality on Facebook depends on Messenger, which is why some users get a lot of spam from strangers, Facebook marketplace users, and others. Facebook knows this and gives Messenger users full control over who can message them. Users can start customizing their messaging preferences by opening Messenger on Android or iOS and tapping on their profile picture in the top left corner.

Users can prevent strangers from messaging them on Messenger

After opening the main menu, users need to tap on the ‘Privacy’ button and choose the first option, ‘Message Delivery’. As the name suggests, this set of opinions allows the user to manage and select the people whose messages will be delivered to them. Users can then choose the appropriate option for each user group to make their Messenger experience more secure, including ‘People with your phone number’, ‘Friends of friends on Facebook’, ‘Accounts you follow or with The ones you chatted on Instagram’, ‘Your followers on Instagram’, ‘Others on Facebook’ and finally ‘Others on Instagram’.

Messenger users can choose from three different options for each user group. They can choose to receive your messages directly in ‘Chats’, ‘Message Requests’ or not receive them at all. For example, users can select the ‘No Requests’ option for ‘Other on Facebook’ and ‘Other on Instagram’. That will result in you not receiving any messages from strangers on Messenger. When the user chooses not to receive requests, the sender will know that after sending the message, she will see a ‘This user does not receive message requests’. message within the conversation. It’s worth noting that when someone a user doesn’t know sends them a message on Messenger, the message goes straight to “Message Requests” or “Spam.”

Messenger users can manage those settings and more through the web version. Users must first open the website, sign in to their account, and then tap their profile picture in the top left corner of the screen. Then click on ‘Preferences’. At this point, the ‘Manage Sending Messages’ option will appear. When the user clicks this option on Facebook MessengerA new Facebook web page will open with the same preferences.

Source: Facebook