Facebook nevertheless shares information in investigation into abuses Myanmar | NOW

Facebook has nevertheless passed information about pages and accounts related to the Myanmar military to the independent investigation mechanism for Myanmar IIMM. This committee of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council collects evidence of serious wrongdoing in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s government and military are accused of genocide and repression against Rohingyas. Since 2017, more than 700,000 people belonging to this Muslim minority have fled Myanmar. They went to neighboring Bangladesh, among other places.

Since August 2017, the IIMM has been collecting evidence in support of cases against individuals who have been guilty of international crimes and violations of international law in Myanmar since 2011.

The head of the IIMM said earlier this month that Facebook had not yet released evidence of “serious international crimes,” despite the platform’s pledge to cooperate.

‘We will continue to work together’

A Facebook representative said Tuesday that the IIMM has now received data from pages and accounts. The social medium had the affected pages and accounts removed in 2018 to counter hatred messages towards Rohingyas on the platform.

“As this investigation progresses, we will continue to work together to provide relevant information for the investigation of international crimes in Myanmar,” said the Facebook representative. He did not want to comment on the information provided.

The head of the IIMM confirmed on Tuesday the receipt of a first dataset that partially complies with previous requests.


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