Facebook rejects promotion of Road 96 on its platform

It is reported that an advertisement of Road 96 was refused on Facebook because it would not comply with the platform’s policy. An amazing ad that raises the question of what is and is not acceptable on the social network.

Contacted by Axios, the game’s developer, Yoan Fanise, says he initially thought it was a joke. He adds that the rejection email mentions that the ad “could” have been rejected because it would include either actual political figures or references to elections or social issues. The creator is given two choices: remove the problematic content or obtain permission to serve political ads.

If you are new to Road 96, it is a procedurally generated adventure game that puts you on a roadtrip in 1996. You will have to make many choices that will shape your trip in parts made up of different encounters and scenarios each time. . Road 96 is expected on August 16 from Nintendo Switch and PC.

Thanks to Gamesindustry.biz.

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